The various programs include

  • Songs and dances of Don,Kuban,Terek and Nekrassov’s Cossacs (the first ethnic groups, from which the Ensemble began its work). This musical tradition is strong and full of energy. This music is distinctive and unusual, it is a high polyphonic style with different character and kind of voices;
  • Oldest Slavic songs, musical instruments and pagan rituals, involving theater and dance. This is a Western Russian music from the Briansk and Kursk region where Old Slavic tribes lived. It is musical tradition with a very special sound of women voices. The core structure is the circle dance imitating the movement of time;
  • Fragments of the wedding ritual from Northern and Southern Russia. These are two completely different styles of singing, music and movement;
  • The Southern style noted also for its sophisticated a cappella singing with more polyphony. The Belgorod region Solstice Celebration marks the ritual of the entry of young women and men into adulthood and society;
  • Russian traditional folk theater especially at the Christmas time and Summer Solstice.
  • Russian spiritual music. Ensemble also reveals the totally lost layer of pious spiritual songs and verses that were sung outside of church, thus recreating a variety of folk oral traditions; monastery styles and early forms of Russian church polyphony
  • Modern and classical music, works by the rising generation of contemporary Russian composers based on folk music.The concert by the Pokrovsky ensemble already speaks volumes for how contemporary composers have been drawn by the folk heritage to a multitude of solutions. Beside the main idea and expression of a work, the rhithms and pitches of a multi-layered composition may well be inspired at root by ethnic influences.


Programms of traditional music

  • "Faces of Russia" traditional village music of different regions of Russia
  • "The man lives like the grass grows"\Russian Spiritual Music\. the Russian Old Believers’songs, psalms of the Dukhobor and Molokan Sects and music of the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • "Chant of Circle Dance" the rituals of spring and summer time
  • "Come you, nightingales!"(variant of program "Chant of Circle Dance " for children)
  • “Russian Wedding"(“It’s the Wedding!”) fragments of the traditional wedding ritual from Russian North and South-West
  • “Epic Songs” the special songs(bylinas) about old Russian heroes
  • "Russian Christmas" songs, plays, masquerade, dances and rituals of the most popular festival
  • "Kolyada has came!" Christmas for children
  • "Love Images of Russian Villages"(from Romance to Limerick) new genres in old village traditions
  • "Russian Length Song" masterpieces of lyric folk music
  • "Cock–and –bull Stories" funny songs, dances, plays.
  • "Happy Oil Week – Maslenitsa" celebration of the very Russian holyday
  • "Pushkin and Folklore" traditional music, stories , subjects that influenced great poet.
  • "Russian folk theater" traditional dramas, plays and rituals


Programms of author's and traditional music

The special performance "From folklore to avantgarde" includes some fragments of different programs with folk, spiritual and modern music. The repertoire renovates by new pieces. The length of the performances can be vary.


Author's music programms

-  I.Stravinsky "Les Noces", "Renard" masterpieces with the authentic lyrics

- K. Stokhausen"Stimmung" It was first sung in Russia by Pokrovsky Ensemble in 2014

- A.Shelygin "The Word about Igor's regiment" masterpiece of ancient Old Russian poetry

-V.Martynov "Night in Galicia" with V.Khlebnikov's poems

- V.Dashkevich "Soldier's Requiem". In memoriem of Russian Soldat with music based on famous movie story.(Arrangement for Ensemble- Maria Nefedova, Video - Olga Yukecheva). Available also with orchestral soundtrack

- "Poetry in  music" great works of Russian poets interpreted by composers